Train Travel GPT

AI-powered train ticket purchasing service that makes taking trains across Europe a pleasure.

As an early-stage startup we will always have a variety of ways for you to get involved. Many of volunteers commit to 3 hours a week, knowing each hour saves 35kg CO2 from being emitted. Currently, we're looking for:

Please contact our founder Ian, or our coordinator Luna via LinkedIn.

Looking to invest?

We're exploring a number of ways that supporters and investors can get to know us more, and both the pre-seed, and seed level, as well as more regular level support.

Thank you for considering supporting or investing in us.
Do not hesitate to book a call, specifying your interest, via our calendly.

We believe as being as open as possible with our supporters and investors, as we walk wait listers through our product. See the dashboard.
We regularly update the travel tech community on relevant industry news via our LinkedIn. Please follow to keep in the loop.