Train Travel GPT

AI-powered train ticket purchasing service that makes taking trains across Europe a pleasure.

As an early-stage startup we will always have a variety of ways for you to get involved. Many of volunteers commit to 3 hours a week, knowing each hour saves 35kg CO2 from being emitted. Currently, we're looking for:

Please contact our founder Ian, or our coordinator Luna via LinkedIn.

Collaborative Remote Ruby Developer For Sustainability Startup

🚄 Ruby, Ruby, Rubyyy! We've all heard that song, but our rendition harmonizes Ruby with Rails, crafting a symphony of code that sings with innovation. Imagine your Ruby skills celebrated in a place where every line of code makes a difference to the world? 🎶

🛤 We’re expanding our band to include two key players:

Collaborate directly with Ian, our technical founder, extensive development experience through pair or mob programming. Together, we’re not just coding; we’re revolutionizing long-distance train journey planning with Generative AI, making it smoother and more accessible. 🌐

🌱 Join us for a unique volunteering opportunity. With a commitment of about 3 hours weekly, you’ll help cut CO2 emissions by 35kg per hour contributed, earning a certificate for your vital environmental contributions. As part of our close-knit team of 8, you'll have a rare chance for growth and to make an impactful difference. We are an international and distributed team, across multiple timezones between UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Philapines and India. We primarily are looking for people who can default to collaboration i.e. pair/mob on these timezones at this stage. We believe this to be the best practise for delivering good product outcomes. If you're pure async in approach, then sorry, but this will not be for you. Dive into a project where passion meets purpose, blending technology with sustainability. 🌍

As we gain traction, we would look to our volunteer contributors for paid positions first.


Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, API, JSON, XML, ChatGTP, Generative AI, RAG, Javascript, Stimulus, TDD, RSpec, Mob Programming,, Pair programming, VScode, Collaboration.

Thank you for considering getting involved in
Please contact our founder Ian, or our coordinator Luna via LinkedIn.
Do not hesitate to book a call, specifying your interest, via our calendly.